About me

I grew up in Brookline, MA. In high school we had what was called the “Unified Arts” Building where all the electives took place. I wanted to live there—drawing, ceramics, painting, design, animation, auto tech, wood working… I spent as much time there as I could, and developed a deep appreciation for creation.

I got into user experience, through my friend Suzi. She introduced me to the field on an exploratory interview. She was working in the UX department at Fidelity. At the time, I had just graduated from BC with degrees in Finance and Painting. She gave me a chance, and since then I have learned to put purpose to my love for creation: improving the lives of others starting with the experience of saving and investing, but who knows what’s next?

I continue to paint, draw, and write on the side, and I’m teaching myself to pick a guitar.

If you ever want to connect, feel free to reach out! It gets awful lonely behind this computer screen.

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