The Fidelity Feed


The general purposes of an investment/banking experience are to view accounts, transact, and research markets/news. We wanted to offer more to our younger user-base to nurture the early engagement. We brought a feed into the financial experience to introduce a deeper conversation between our users and our offering.

The Situation

The concept was all over social media platforms, there’s a home, but there is also this destination for exploration which was driving engagement. Users were hungry for discovery, and we were sensing curiosity in our young investor users. A curiosity to learn and engage.

My Role

I contributed to the concept phase of the overall feature. The goal of the new experience was to intelligently connect usage with relevant information and functionality to create serendipitous discovery.


Early in the process, we held multiple co-creation sessions with small focus groups of our target users: Investors aged 24-34 with an income of $50K-200K who are interested in engaging and learning more about their finances and investing. Questions we were asking ourselves and our focus groups were:

  • What types of experiences might participants create to support learning about investing?

  • What might young savvy prospects want to learn more about?

After some discussion and sketching, the trending topics bubbling up to the top were:

  • Show me the money. Teach me strategies.

  • Keep it simple. Keep it fun.

  • Give me info based on my profile.

  • Give me news about my investments everyday.

  • Show me how I compare.

These points were leading us to a concept that has been pervasive in the experiences that these users (and ourselves) were using everyday: The social feed where all the information shared is about you, but in addition to your information you are given a view of the world, under the lens of your actions/tastes.

Actions Taken

  • Co-facilitated the co-creation session taking on one of the focus groups and helping the conversation along with moderation, probing questions to get through any lulls and sketching up any ideas that we thrown out to help build the collective vision. Also made sure to stay on task and move conversations long to stay in time with the agenda.

  • Created an inventory of existing content we had to offer and “nice-to-have” add ons that could enhance the experience.

  • Mocked up concepts for potential pieces of information that could reflect back to the common threads coming out of co-creation. Mocked up ideas such as showing relevant price trigger information, user performance against the market, and balance milestones.

early card concepts

  • Collaborated with the team to build a strategy that laid the foundation for a machine learning experience that could get smarter over time with more user interaction and engagment.


At the time of release, we held an in-lab “unboxing” study with 12 participants and the qualitative feedback was over all positive here is a verbatim from the test:

The new feed feature was fantastic. It gives more reason to use the application outside of just making trades. It adds a level of necessary customization.

The data reports coming out of the first few months showed that over 50% of our users were engaging with the feed, a nice start toward what could change the way our users learn and invest.

I’m proud to say that the Feed earned us an honorable mention in the 2017 Webby Awards.

Thanks to the Mobile Design Team

Andy Flinders | Evan Gerber | Sam Hong | Damon Jones | An Kang | Jonathan Kardos | Chris Lackey | Dan Murphy | Julia Paranay | Elizabeth Ryan | Marcy Regalado