Gentle on my Mind

I went to a show in Lexington at a great guitar shop called The Music Emporium. It was the best show I have ever been to. I was inspired to do this painting as an ode to the evening, the band, and the shop.

When I completed the painting, I returned to the shop. I walked around reveling at the guitars. A man came up to speak with me.

Can I help you

Do you guys trade guitars?

Yeah sure we do, what do you have? 

I have a few guitars in the trunk of my car let me bring them in.

This better be good kid! 

I returned with the 3x5 ft painting of the concert, and things got quiet.

What do you want for it?

I don’t know much about guitars but I know tho is a special piece and I would just expect a special guitar in return.

They set me up with acoustic Martin, case pick and all! It was the coolest thing I have ever done with a painting.