Innovative Systems

This is a Call for Entries poster for an competition to create solutions for alternative fuel and renewable energy. The concept is riffing on the idea of a salmon swimming agains the current, posing a question to the audience: Are you going to be the one to come up with the idea that is different from all the rest?

Ashcan School

This is an interactive piece targeting young artists who are looking for inspiration from the past. Ashcan School is a realist art movement, that took place in the early 1900s. It is characterized by bold colors, rough brush strokes, and real life scenery, not widely accepted by the public. The design is built to emulate the brash but beautiful collection of work. The idea behind the interactivity is that students can submerge themselves into the movement rather than paging through a text book.


Lefty is an organization that pairs writers up with illustrators. As a writer, one has a thread. With imagery, Lefty helps weave the thread into a story. This is identity system consists of a folder, booklet, letterhead, and business card.

The Depths

This is a booklet and packaging system for an event titled "The Depths Reveal". It is a 2 day art excursion into the depths of Freedom Tunnel in NYC. Targeting artists and urban explorers, the concept pushes bold colors and wild typography against a quiet body type – Helvetica – the face of the NY Subway system.

A Resume

I printed this resume backwards on the backside, so that the only way one could read it is by looking up to the light. The concept is that recruiters are looking for the person behind the resume. I am the person behind this resume. It doesn't work so well in the digital arena, but it sure was fun handing them out at the portfolio show.

PGE Annual Report

This is an annual report for Portland General Electric. The message that they wanted to communicate to their shareholders is that they are powered by their community and environment. To communicate that message, the visual language I developed consisted of overlayed imagery which created a conversation between foreground and background. I also took on a bright color palette to communicate the "energy" that PGE has and provides to the community that it serves.