Knock Knock

An old college pal, Justin Robinson, approached me about doing a mural on a wall in his office. I was pumped, so I put together a proposal deck. I considered illustration, typographic treatments, and other painting-related ideas, but then, an installation idea hit me that I knew I had to make a reality.

This piece was inspired by a work done by Joseph Kosuth entitled "One and Three Chairs". In his Installation there hung a photograph of a chair, there sat a physical chair, and next to that hung a definition of a chair. In the piece the audience is called to question the reality of a chair.

Drizly deals with alcohol delivery, where they are playing with the reality of the door. They've turned your front door into your refrigerator door. 

Special thanks to: Jim, Dad, Ben, Nick and Mike.

The Depths

This is a booklet and packaging system for an event titled "The Depths Reveal". It is a 2 day art excursion into the depths of Freedom Tunnel in NYC. Targeting artists and urban explorers, the concept pushes bold colors and wild typography against a quiet body type – Helvetica – the face of the NY Subway system.